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  • Shooting Mania2

Shooting Mania2


Assembled Dimensions

Width:65.82”     167.2cm

Depth:43.50”     110.5cm

Height:90"          228.6cm

Power Consumption:260W


1. 1-3 players on an attractive, carnival shooting gallery style cabinet

2. Each player has three large, arcade-quality buttons, each controlling one of the on-screen guns

3. The colorful graphics are displayed on a 47″ HD screen

4. Operators can adjust pricing, volume and ticket payout settings


1. Multi-play for 3 players

2. Each player has a control panel with 3 buttons to fire the hanging elves

3. Ropes with elves move slowly on the screen

4. Press SHOOT button to shoot at ropes and drop elves to win prize

5. Random special bullets, collection mission and lucky time enhancing the interest

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