Redemption Game Machines

  • Final Shot

Final Shot


Assembled Dimensions

Width:41.53”       105.5cm

Depth:41.33”       105cm

Height:109.44"     278cm

Power Consumption:280W


Take the Final Shot

Skillfully Launch the Ball to Win Tickets

Take the Final Shot and win a bunch of tickets in the latest hit piece.

It’s a simple game to learn but takes practice and skill to master, all while presenting the fun in an attractive cabinet. Players credit the game up then pull the lever back to shoot a ball at the color target. This target starts at one color, then it moves forward and changes; What color the target is determines the number of tickets you’ll win for getting the shot. While operator adjustable, the colors also indicate difficulties so here’s how that goes from easiest to hardest: Blue / Yellow / Green / Pink / Red. If you can get the ball into all five colors then you’ll win the Super Bonus!


1. Skill-based single player redemption game

2. Unit Multi Player' game with a super marquee

3. Ticket Dispensing

4. Simple, intuitive, skill-based instant game play – Just pull back the lever and fire the ball

5. Motorized, moving target creates in-game attraction

6. Play for fun game, suitable for all ages

7. Attractive fully lit cabinet with colourful side art

8. Perfect for all arcade game center and FEC. 


1. Coins-in. A ball is ready to shoot at the ball launcher.

2. Aim at the target ahead. Pull and release a lever to shoot a ball.

3. Players win a bonus if they goaled the set number of times out of the shots given.

4. Super Bonus Challenge : Players win mega bonus if they goaled every shots out of the shots they played.


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                       Watch FINAL SHOT in action!

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