Prize Game Machines

  • Black Rose-XL

Black Rose-XL


Assembled Dimensions

Width:47.24”     120cm

Depth:38.26”     97.2cm

Height:88.58"      225cm

Power Consumption:350W


The coin-operated Crane game machines are popular for game centers, amusement parks, shopping malls, indoor playgrounds, family entertainment centers, etc. this claw game is easy for management because of the coin-operated system

Customization Service are available!


1.Player: 1 Player

2.Type: Coin-operated

3.Suitable Age: Above 7 years

4.Warranty: 12 months Warranty and lifetime technical support

5.Suit for: Shopping Mall, Amusement park, Playground, Indoor game center

6.Light (cabinet equipped with LED lamp, high brightness, long life)

7.Music (built-in music,volume adjustable)



1. Insert coin(s), control the joystick to move the claw to aim to the target prize

2. Press the "Start" button and drop the claw when you’re in the absolute best position to catch the price

3. Hold and move the claw to the prize hole and release to get the corresponding prize.

What do you get from us?
1. Lifetime Customer Remote Support & Best after-sale service
2. 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
3. Standard accessories,Manuals, Tips, Tricks & More!

How to Win at a Claw Machine

Claw machines can be a lot of fun to play and even more fun to win. However, if you’ve ever played a claw machine before, you know how hard actually winning a prize can be sometimes! Luckily, once you know how to study claw machines and go for the best prizes, you can make it a lot more likely for you to win at claw machines.


Selecting a Good Machine


 1.Choose a claw machine that isn’t full of tightly packed prizes


2.Aim to use machines with 3-pronged claws for the best results


 3.Watch somebody play the claw machine before you to study it


4.Pick a prize to go for before you put your money into the machine


Positioning the Claw


1.Have a friend stand on the side of the machine to help you


2.Spend the first 10 seconds maneuvering the claw over the prize.


3.Use the last 5 seconds making tiny adjustments to the claw’s position. 


 4.Drop the claw when you’re in the absolute best position9.jpg

Repeat this process to try again if you didn’t get your prize 



Avoiding Common Mistakes


1.Set a budget for how much money to spend on the machine


2.Be on the lookout for machines with prizes that are too good to be true


3.Refrain from going after prizes that are very low or near the windows

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